Enhance your foot ultrasound skills and reduce patient flow to secondary care with SonoSkills trainer and foot expert Robert Wonink's online SonoClass series. In just 3 hours, gain a better understanding of forefoot pathomechanics and improve your diagnostics on metatarsalgia. With Robert's expert guidance and interactive teaching style, you'll gain invaluable insights, pearls, and best practices to take your primary care skills to new heights.


  • Histopathology, aetiology and pathophysiology of metatarsalgia
  • (Sono)anatomy of the forefoot
  • Several scanning techniques of the forefoot
  • SonoSkills pathology recognition
  • Anatomical variants and differential diagnosis
  • Pitfalls, pearls, and best practices


photo Robert Wonink

Why you should follow this online metatarsalgia course?

Advanced knowledge and skills in MSK ultrasound of the forefoot region are crucial for diagnosing and managing metatarsalgia, a common cause of forefoot pain. Accurate diagnosis of this condition can guide effective treatment decisions and reduce patient flow to secondary care. By mastering advanced techniques, you'll be able to diagnose and treat a range of forefoot pathologies, providing patients with better conservative treatment options. Staying at a foundational level won't cut it - investing in your education can help primary care providers function better and reduce the costs associated with unnecessary referrals to secondary care.


After completion of the full webinar, you'll receive the digital SonoSkills certificate of attendance.

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Foot in Focus: Advanced MSK Ultrasound Techniques for Metatarsalgia

Incl. 1-month access to the recording
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 3 CME points
  • Length 3 hours
  • Trainer Robert Wonink