Discover the power of ultrasound in detecting and managing nerve injuries with Prof. Dr. Nens van Alfen's SonoClass! This 3-hour online course covers the use of ultrasound in traumatic and iatrogenic peripheral nerve injuries. Learn how to use ultrasound to assess nerve trauma, prevent injuries, and enhance clinical exams. With beautiful images and expert guidance, you'll gain valuable insights into this cutting-edge diagnostic technique. Join us for this exciting online SonoClass!


  • Epidemiology of traumatic and iatrogenic nerve injury
  • Nerve injury pathophysiology, assessment and classification
  • Ultrasound technique for nerve injury scanning (including dealing with surrounding tissue injury and foreign bodies)
  • Basic nerve injury pathology examples (transection, disorganized neuroma in continuity, traction/compresison neuroma)
  • Specific nerve injury types (traction, crush, avulsion, sharp, thermal, gunshot injury, amputation)
  • Prognostication of nerve injury
  • Using ultrasound for nerve injury prevention


Why should you follow this online course
Ultrasound is a powerful tool for diagnosing traumatic and iatrogenic nerve injuries. It provides real-time, high-resolution images of the affected area, allowing for accurate localization and characterization of nerve damage. Additionally, ultrasound can monitor nerve injuries over time, providing valuable information for treatment planning and assessing the effectiveness of interventions. Staying on a foundational level limits patient care, as advanced knowledge and skills are necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment. So, taking advanced courses is essential to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
The objective of this 2-part webinar is to get familiar with the occurrence and assessment of the different types of peripheral nerve injury, highlighting the unique role that ultrasound can play in the workup and management of patients suffering from these injuries.

  • Part 1: Epidemiology, classification and basic ultrasound pathology of nerve injury
  • Part 2: Specific nerve injury types, prognosis and prevention

After completion you'll receive a digital SonoSkills Certificate of Attendance and proof of your CME points.

Interested in alternative training options?
If you wish to study nerve ultrasound on a foundational level we can recommend you this online, or this hands-on SonoSkills course.
If interested in interventional nerve ultrasound we can offer you the "hydrodissections of peripheral nerve entrapments" SonoClass.

Ultrasound of traumatic and iatrogenic nerve injuries

1 month access
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 3 CME points
  • Length 3 hours
  • Trainer Nens van Alfen