Foundations of Nerve Ultrasound (online) – Level 1

Welcome to the exciting world of neuromuscular ultrasound! In this online Foundations of Nerve Ultrasound – Level 1, presented by key-opinion-leader Nens van Alfen, you will learn all the necessary basics of nerve ultrasound of the upper and lower extremity through 59 short videos. With interactive lessons, hands-on simulations, and real-life case studies, this course provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience in the field of nerve ultrasound.
  • Language English
  • Accreditation pending
  • Length 9 hours
  • Trainers Nens van Alfen, Dr. Juerd Wijntjens
Incl. 6 months access. Register this month and we'll include a free webinar on Iatrogenic Nerve Injuries


  • Understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the human neuromuscular system and how it relates to ultrasound imaging.
  • Learn the principles of ultrasound physics and instrumentation as they pertain to musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Become proficient in the scanning techniques used in nerve ultrasound, including the proper positioning of the patient and transducer, as well as image optimization.
  • Develop the skills necessary to accurately interpret and diagnose common nerve disorders and injuries using ultrasound imaging.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the clinical applications of nerve ultrasound in various specialties, including neurology, sports medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Why attend this online nerve ultrasound course?

Nerve ultrasound is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals in clinical practice. This technology allows for real-time visualization of nerves, providing valuable information about the structure and function of these tissues. With the use of nerve ultrasound, healthcare professionals can diagnose conditions and injuries that may not be visible through other imaging methods, such as nerve entrapments or muscular degeneration. Additionally, the dynamic nature of ultrasound imaging allows for assessment of muscle and nerve function during movement, enabling healthcare professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Nerve ultrasound is also non-invasive, safe, and cost-effective, making it a valuable addition to any clinician's toolkit. By incorporating nerve ultrasound into their practice, healthcare professionals can improve patient care and outcomes.

Who should attend this online nerve ultrasound course?

An online course on nerve ultrasound would be suitable for a variety of healthcare professionals, including: neurologist, sonographers, physiotherapists, physicians, nurses and medical residents and students. In general, healthcare professionals who are interested in using nerve ultrasound to diagnose and treat nerve-related conditions, or to expand their knowledge and skills in this area, may benefit from taking an online course on the subject.

What's included in this course?

  • 59 short video lessons, divided in 10 chapters
  • 9 hours of on-demand content
  • 6-month access
  • Buy this course in March and we'll include a free webinar on iatrogenic nerve injuries


  1. Introduction to nerve ultrasound (8 lessons, 1hr 8min)
  2. Anatomical tissues in ultrasound (6 lessons, 1hr 11min)
  3. Qualitative scanning (5 lessons, 33 min)
  4. Median nerve (5 lessons, 56 min)
  5. Ulnar nerve (7 lessons, 1hr 2min)
  6. Radial nerve (7 lessons, 1hr 9min)
  7. Fibular nerve (4 lessons, 42 min)
  8. Tibial nerve (5 lessons, 37 min)
  9. Sural Nerve (5 lessons, 42 min)
  10. Muscle (4 lessons, 41 min)
  11. How to bring it into practice? (2 lessons, 18 min)