photo Nens van Alfen

Nens van Alfen


Nens van Alfen works as a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at the Radboud UMC Nijmegen, where she is the medical head of the CNP department.

Her special interests include brachial plexus pathology, EMG, neuromuscular ultrasound and intraoperative neuromonitoring and her clinical focus lies in noninvasive diagnosis of PNS disorders and the rehabilitation of shoulder disorders associated with PNS lesions.

She organizes hands-on training programmes in neuromuscular ultrasound and is the current chair of the ISNO/Beatrix Spierfonds neuromuscular course committee.

Previous areas of expertise included pediatric neuromuscular disorders and botulinum toxin treatment.

She is a member of the Dutch Neurology Association, the Dutch Clinical Neurophysiology Association and the ISNO Dutch neuromuscular network; the AANEM, ASNM, PNS and the ISPNI.