This 3-hour online advanced course provides a comprehensive overview of ultrasound findings in Psoriatic Arthritis, including joints and extra-articular structures. You'll learn scoring methods and tips and tricks to improve your ultrasound accuracy and its value in the clinical setting. As a key-opinion leader and rheumatologist, Prof. Dr. Sibel Ayding brings unparalleled expertise to this SonoClass series, making it a must-attend event to advance your knowledge of ultrasound. Enroll now!


  • The heterogeneity of Psoriatic Arthritis and which domains are explorable with MSK ultrasound
  • How to scan the entheses and how to interpret the findings
  • Joint ultrasound in Psoriatic Arthritis, which joints need to be scanned and what the threshold should be to define a pathology
  • Ultrasound findings in dactylitis
  • Nail ultrasound in Psoriatic Arthritis


Why you should follow this online course?
Psoriatic arthritis affects approximately 10-30% of people with psoriasis, which is not uncommon in clinical practice. It can be difficult to diagnose due to its variable presentation and resemblance to other forms of arthritis. Diagnostic ultrasound plays a crucial role in identifying and assessing the extent of joint and soft tissue involvement in psoriatic arthritis, enabling clinicians to make accurate diagnoses, monitor disease progression, and guide treatment decisions. Ultrasound also allows for early detection of subclinical inflammation, which can help prevent irreversible joint damage. So, having knowledge on psoriatic arthritis and its diagnosis using ultrasound is essential for early detection and effective management of the disease. The objective of this 2-part webinar is to know in detail the value of ultrasound in Psoriatic Arthritis, how it can improve the diagnosis and follow up of the patients, which structures can be visualized using ultrasound and how that can improve the diagnosis and follow up of the patients as well as differentiating “normal response” in the joints and the entheses from the disease process.

Schedule & Topics
  • Part 1: Introduction and entheseal ultrasound
  • Part 2: Joint and nail ultrasound

After completion of the full webinar, you'll receive the digital SonoSkills certificate of attendance.

Interested in alternative training options?
New to ultrasound? Please follow our online, or hands-on, foundational MSK ultrasound course. If you are experienced in ultrasound but interested in more advanced skills we can recommend you the SonoSkills hands-on advanced MSK ultrasound boot camp. Assessing, interpretation and monitoring of Doppler findings and neovascularization in psoriatic arthritis is important; please consider this 90 minute SonoClass and learn all there is to know on Doppler, and how you can get the most out of your system.

MSK Ultrasound in Psoriatic Arthritis

Incl. 1-month access to the recording
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 3 CME points
  • Length 3 hours
  • Trainer Dr. Sibel Zehra Aydin