Foundations of MSK Ultrasound eLearning

This course is an exclusive teaching program where you will learn all the necessary basics of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound through 290 short-videos and micro-learning moments to apply this knowledge in your daily practice.
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 20 CME points
  • Length 20 hours
  • Trainers Marc Schmitz, Rob Epping, Ramon Ottenheijm, Ferd Serton, MSc


  • Understand the concept of ultrasound.
  • How to apply MSK ultrasound in MSK healthcare.
  • The normal appearance of MSK tissues in ultrasound?
  • Learn how to use the ultrasound system.
  • Understand the 3D functional anatomy of the upper and lower extremity joints.
  • How to scan all SonoSkills upper and lower extremity joint protocols in a correct and reliable way.
  • Identify some common pathology in MSK ultrasound.
  • Correctly working with the toolcard for qualitative scanning and pathology recognition.


The key to learning Musculoskeletal Ultrasound will be strong anatomical knowledge which will be achieved through a guided learning journey with beautifully dissected anatomy images and a first look at the appearance of these features in MSK Ultrasound. You will learn to easily translate the body’s 3D anatomy to 2D images through multiple high-quality short video lectures. You will further learn how to scan anatomical structures of the upper- and lower extremity according to standardized protocols.


Joint Modules

  • Choose your own module
  • CME certification after completion
  • 3 months access
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Full course

  • Full MSK ultrasound course
  • Access to 20 hours of on-demand content
  • CME certification after completion
  • Extended 1 year access
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  • Choose between upper or lower extremity modules
  • CME certification after completion
  • 6 months access
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Foundations of MSK Ultrasound eLearning