Join Dr. Karen Villar Zarra, pathologist and expert, in our 4.5-hour online SonoClass series on MSK ultrasound diagnostics and interventions of musculoskeletal soft tissue nodules. Discover the basics of imaging in MSK nodules and learn to properly sample the lesion to reach a diagnosis. This basic knowledge on how to screen nodules, and classify them in benign, suspicious or malignant should be considered as being part of every sonographers standard skill set. Enroll now!


  • The Ultrasound appearance of Soft-Tissue tumors
  • The accuracy and pitfalls in the ultrasonography of Soft-Tissue tumors
  • Diferential Diagnosis. Most likely diagnosis.
  • When to perform Interventional procedures for diagnosis
  • Fundamentals of sampling requirements for a diagnosis


Why you should follow this online course?
As an MSK sonographing healthcare professional, having foundational knowledge on MSK soft tissue nodules is crucial. Being able to screen these nodules with ultrasound and classify them as benign, suspicious, or malignant is part of the standard skill set. This knowledge can improve patient care by facilitating timely and accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. The ability to distinguish between benign and malignant nodules, for example, can prevent unnecessary biopsies or delay in treatment. So, whether you're a radiologist, sonographer, or orthopedic surgeon, mastering this skill is essential for providing optimal care to your patients.

After completion of the full webinar, you'll receive the digital SonoSkills certificate of attendance.

Interested in alternative training options?
Next to knowledge on soft tissue nodules, it's also important to have knowledge and skills on diagnostic ultrasound so that you can diagnose correctly. Therefore we recommend you - depending on your experience and background - the following alternative training options:


MSK Nodules. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Incl. 1-month access to the recording
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 4,5 CME points
  • Length 4,5 hours
  • Trainer Karen Villar Zarra, MD. MIAC.