Pathology Upper Extremity - Level 2

This two-day course aims to learn how to differentiate normal and abnormal musculoskeletal ultrasound findings of upper extremity joints. Based on the clinical case approach, we will discuss how to recognize the main features of pathological changes in musculoskeletal structures. Participants will be able to understand the benefits, limitations, and clinical reasoning of the MSK ultrasound examination.

Objectifs pédagogiques

  • Deepening your anatomical knowledge
  • Expanding scan protocols  for your ultrasound examination
  • Systematically recognize the pathology of the upper extremity
  • Learning how to analyze and describe clinical cases

Target audience

Radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, sports physicians, rheumatologists, general practitioners, physiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, osteopaths, and all other primary- or secondary healthcare professionals who work in upper extremity diagnostics and/or upper extremity rehabilitation.


Hands-on training: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Case analyzing: 12 hour and 20 minutes


It is essential to bring the laptop with you to be able to analyze the clinical cases. The USB sticks with ultrasound images and clips will be provided during the course.
The participant can bring his clinical case from personal practice, which will be discussed and presented to the audience.  The participant should notify the tutor at the beginning of the course.



photo Saulius Rutkauskas, MD, PhD

Autres dates de formation

Webinar: MSK Ultrasound of the K... 18-08-2020 Marc Schmitz, MSc
Introductiecursus Musculoskeleta... Amersfoort 18-08-2020 Brigitte Dooren
Basisopleiding Musculoskeletale ... Amersfoort 09-09-2020 Rob Epping
Basisopleiding MSU Voet & Enkel ... Amersfoort 10-09-2020 Robert Wonink
Schouder Masterclass - Level 2 Amersfoort 15-09-2020 Eugene Bakker
Introductiecursus Musculoskeleta... Amersfoort 16-09-2020 Sjaco Jordens
Elleboog Masterclass - Level 2 Amersfoort 18-09-2020 Eugene Bakker
Pathology Upper Extremity - Level 2 Amersfoort 02-10-2020 Saulius Rutkauskas, MD, PhD
Enkel/Voet Masterclass - Level 2 Amersfoort 06-10-2020 Eugene Bakker
MSK Ultrasound Shoulder Course -... Amsterdam 08-10-2020 Marc Schmitz, MSc
MSK Ultrasound Guided Injections Amsterdam 12-10-2020 Suresh Sudula
Kleurendoppler - Level 2 Amersfoort 27-10-2020 Eugene Bakker
Introductiecursus Musculoskeleta... Amersfoort 30-10-2020 Brigitte Dooren
Knie Masterclass - Level 2 Amersfoort 10-11-2020 Eugene Bakker
Basisopleiding Musculoskeletale ... Amersfoort 11-11-2020 Rob Epping
Introductiecursus Musculoskeleta... Amersfoort 25-11-2020 Sjaco Jordens
Intermediate MSK Echografie Curs... Amersfoort 27-11-2020 Patricia Smith - van der Meijde
Heup Masterclass - Level 2 Amersfoort 08-12-2020 Eugene Bakker
Basisopleiding Musculoskeletale ... Leuven 24-09-2020 Rob Epping
Basisopleiding Musculoskeletale ... Leuven 15-10-2020 Rob Epping
Basisopleiding Musculoskeletale ... Gent 26-11-2020 Rob Epping
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Düsseldorf 21-08-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Kiel 11-09-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskelpathologie/Muskelverletzun... Hamburg 19-09-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Leipzig/Schkeuditz 25-09-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Kiel 02-10-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Hannover 16-10-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Neu Ulm 23-10-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Leipzig 27-11-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskelpathologie/Muskelverletzun... Derendingen 05-09-2020 Moritz Müller, MSc
Muskuloskelettaler Ultraschall -... Derendingen 07-09-2020 Andreas Philipp Kacsir, MSc
Fondations en échographie ostéo-... Estavayer-Le-Lac 09-10-2020 Sandro Unfer
INTERNATIONAL SHOULDER COURSE - ... Derendingen 29-10-2020 Marc Schmitz, MSc

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