photo Ramon Ottenheijm

Ramon Ottenheijm

Trainer General Physicians

Next to being a general physician, Ramon has a specialization in the musculoskeletal system, is general physician educator, PhD promoter and spends lots of time on the topic of healthcare innovation.

As general physician he participates in the RNFM (Research Network Family Medicine) registration network. Due to his MSK system specialization, Ramon works in an extended scope center, a workplace he started. His scientific research is dedicated to these types of healthcare innovations. As a teacher, Ramon educates medicine students on the MSK system.
Within SonoSkills he’s responsible for the musculoskeletal ultrasound courses specifically for general physicians. This way the connects his work as doctor, innovator, researcher and teacher.

Because of his expertise, Ramon works together both regional as nationwide with general physician associations such as Meditta, Huisartsen OZL, Medical Coordination Center Omnes and NHG. Trough these activities Ramon regularly meets inspiring colleagues, which boosts his energy and motivation. All in all, a dynamic life with a wide variety of challenges.

Next to his job, he finds relaxation in sports. His biggest passion are ball sports, but due to various injuries, he became an avid cycler. His biggest accomplishments was participating in the Alpe d’HuZes event.


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