Elevate your ultrasound reporting skills with SonoSkills founder & trainer Marc Schmitz in this 90-minute online SonoClass. Learn how to create clear, concise and informative ultrasound reports that answer clinical questions and convey the correct message to the referrer. We’ll cover mandatory components of an accurate report, suggest writing style and content, and provide tips to avoid common pitfalls. Improve your service delivery; sign up now!


  • Explaining the anatomy of a good and correct ultrasound report.
  • Emphasizing the importance of an ultrasound report.
  • Understanding the medico-legal reasons to create a good ultrasound report.
  • Seeing the benefit of a good ultrasound report for you, the referrer and patient.
  • Explaining the importance of standardization, classification, language, terminology.
  • Presenting some pearls, pitfalls and best practices by showing some (in)correct examples.
  • Highlighting the (dis)advantages of dictated and typed ultrasound reports.


photo Marc Schmitz
Why should you follow this online course?
The ultrasound report is the document containing the official interpretation of a single ultrasound examination or procedure. Whilst the ultrasound report must be accurate in content, it must be written in a style that is concise and pertinent, conveying the correct message to the referrer. What the referrer concludes from a report has been shown to have important consequences in malpractice cases and the importance of the ultrasound report as a medico-legal document should not be overlooked. A great variety in the style, structure, and effectiveness of ultrasound reports exists. The clinical importance of a report can be lost if the report lacks structure and is incoherent, rambling, and verbose. Although the ultrasound report is a fundamental component of the way we function as clinicians, reporting radiographers and sonographers receive little, if any, formal training in reporting technique and style. This SonoClass aims to emphasize the importance of the ultrasound report and provide suggestions on style and content as well as pitfalls to avoid.

After completion you'll receive a digital SonoSkills Certificate of Attendance and proof of your CME points.
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Writing a MSK Ultrasound Report: Help Your Patient, Your Referrer and Yourself

1 month access
  • Language English
  • Length 1,5 hours
  • Trainer Marc Schmitz