This lecture explores ultrasound's role in diagnosing and treating injuries like patellar tendinopathy, ligament damage, and posttraumatic osteoarthritis. Learn dynamic ultrasound assessments to explain pathologies to patients and gather injury details, aiding surgical decisions. Discuss therapeutic approaches like PRP injections, USGET-electrolysis, Tenex, sclerosing techniques, hyaluronic acid, and Tr14 injections. Gain comprehensive insights into regenerative sports medicine interventions.


  • Learn about the significance of ultrasound guided interventions compared to „blind“ interventions
  • Master the broad possibilities that ultrasound techniques provide in assessing and treating tendon, ligament and joint pathologies
  • Learn to apply dynamic assessment techniques on ultrasound in the clinical practice
  • Study many evidence-based treatment options, including PRP, USGET Electrolysis, Tenex, etc.
  • Get many tips and tricks about patient placement, use of anisotropy, microvascular Doppler and shear wave Elastography to get best results.


photo Alberto Schek

Start date(s)

  • 27 August '24 €90.00 REGISTER NOW
    • 27 August '24 7:00 - 8:30 PM CEST  
Ultrasound-guided interventions are essential for diagnosing and treating various pathologies in athletes and patients. By mastering techniques for joints, tendons, and ligaments, practitioners can accurately identify and treat injuries. This lecture will explore ultrasound's role in assessing and managing conditions like patellar tendinopathy, ligament damage, and posttraumatic osteoarthritis. Attendees will learn dynamic maneuver assessments, patient communication, and various therapeutic approaches, including PRP injections and electrolysis, enhancing their skills in regenerative sports medicine. If you are interested in ultrasound-guided treatment modalities in sports medicine and want to gain insight into proper high-frequency ultrasound scanning techniques and evidence-based treatment options, then this webinar is for you.

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Ultrasound-guided Interventions of Ligaments, Tendons and Joints in Sports Medicine

  • Language English
  • Accreditation 1,5 CME points
  • Length 1,5 hour
  • Start date(s) 27 August '24 See all dates
  • Trainer Alberto Schek