After completion of this course, the professional is capable of using MSK ultrasound in clinical practice in a qualitative and critical way. The professional learns how to scan anatomical structures and basic pathology.


  • Understanding the concept of ultrasound (physics)
  • Applying MSK ultrasound rheumatology healthcare
  • What is the appearance of musculoskeletal tissues in ultrasound?
  • Learning how to use the ultrasound system, image acquisition
  • Understanding the 3D functional (sono-) anatomy of all extremity joints
  • Being able to scan all ESSR/EULAR extremity joint protocols in a correct and reliable way
  • Being able to identify basic pathology in MSK ultrasound
  • Correctly working with the flowchart for reliable scanning




Postillion Hotel Bunnik
Baan van Fectio 1
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It’s mandatory the participant has followed a previous basic course before participating this foundational bootcamp to really become a proficient scanner and implement ultrasound with confidence in your daily rheumatology practice.


Rheumatology Refresher Course - Level 1

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  • Taal Nederlands
  • Accreditatie pending
  • Studiebelasting 13 uren (Hands-on)
    15 uren (eLearning)
  • Lengte 2
  • Locatie Bunnik Netherlands
  • Startdatum(s) See all dates
  • Trainer Patricia Smith - van der Meijde