photo Patricia Smith - van der Meijde

Patricia Smith - van der Meijde

Rheumatology Trainer

Patricia evolved from paramedic to Master Physician Assistant at a Rheumatology department. Her interest in ultrasound began in her graduation year in 2010 when she fulfilled the basic musculoskeletal ultrasound course and she got addicted ever since.  
She noticed the value of ultrasound in early diagnosis, monitoring, and ultrasound-guided procedures and participated as many courses she could to really make a difference in daily practice. Alight by other “sonoholics” she was determent to become an expert in the next decade to be contagious and infect as many professionals with the “Echo virus” as well. Patricia has a special interest in inflammatory rheumatic diseases.
She’s the driving force to develop rheumatology courses to improve and expand ultrasound courses to a higher level and within the reach of many rheumatologists who still need the be trained at different levels of expertise. She decided to collaborate with SonoSkills because of the multilevel course structure and lifelong learning principle they embrace. As Walter Grassi quotes “MSK ultrasound is a never-ending learning curve…”
Although her SonoSkills activities feel like a hobby, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She relaxes with creative activities, horse riding and taking the dogs for a long walk along the beach.