Discover the full potential of your musculoskeletal ultrasound skills with SonoSkills founder & trainer Marc Schmitz. Enroll in this 90-minute online SonoClass to learn advanced scanning techniques for the hip joint from anterior and posterior angles. Explore hip joint anatomy, biomechanics, and pathophysiology to improve your scanning abilities. Plus, gain an introduction to ultrasound-guided injection techniques. Elevate your sonography skills and join now!


  • Discovering the topographic anatomy of the hip joint region: discussing origins, insertions and the physical relationships between tissues.
  • Understanding the biomechanics of several interconnected structures.
  • Learning some common pathologies, injuries and pathophysiologic mechanisms in this region.
  • Understanding the sonoanatomical appearance of the hip joint and related structures.
  • Learning how to scan the hip joint correctly by using the SonoSkills Quality Checklist and with thus creating great images.
  • Learning how to analyze hip joint pathology images in a structured and step by step approach by using the SonoSkills pathology checklist.
  • Seeing a variety of pathology cases in the hip joint i.e. degeneration, fractures, effusions, total hip complications, bursitis, ganglion cysts, femoroacetubular impingement, snapping hip, etc.
  • Learning how to perform the most common ultrasound guided injection techniques to target the hip joint.


photo Marc Schmitz
Why should you follow this online course?
MSK ultrasound of the hip joint has significant clinical value across many patient populations. In athletes, it can identify injuries that may affect performance and guide interventions to promote healing. In rheumatologic patients, it can help diagnose inflammatory arthropathies. In orthopedic patients, it can help guide joint injections and surgeries. In aging patients, it can help identify age-related changes and degeneration, and guide interventions to improve function and quality of life. MSK ultrasound is especially useful in the hip joint due to the limited access and complexity of the joint, and is often preferred over other imaging techniques such as MRI or CT scan. Staying on a foundational level limits your MSK ultrasound skills. Learning advanced techniques improves patient outcomes, expands your business, and makes work more fun.

After completion you'll receive a digital SonoSkills Certificate of Attendance and proof of your CME points.

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MSK Ultrasound of the Hip Joint in the Athletic, Rheumatologic, Orthopedic and Aged Patient

Including 1-month access to the recordings
  • Language English
  • Length 1,5 hours
  • Trainer Marc Schmitz