Hydrodissection of peripheral nerve entrapments

In this 3-part online series on peripheral nerves entrapment we will discover the hydrodissection treatment as an incredibly useful tool for treatment and we also uncover normal and pathological anatomy and ultrasound of the main nerves of the body.


  • Nerves anatomy
  • Nerves sonoanatomy
  • Transducer positions to scan static and dynamic nerves
  • Learn how to use the Hydrodiscection treatment for peripheral nerves entrapment
  • Pathology recognition of several peripheral nerves entrapment
  • Pathophysiology of several peripheral nerves entrapment sites in the upper and lower extremity

Schedule & topics

Part 1: Introduction and upper limb nerves

Part 2: Scapular and spine nerves

Part 3: Lower limb nerves

The objective of this 3-part webinar is to know in detail the normal anatomy and the different sites of nerve entrapment located in the upper, lower limbs and in the spine. We will also address the hydrodissection treatment, which is a fantastic tool to inject regenerative substances under ultrasound that can release the trapped nerve.


photo Ezequiel Mailand