Join neurologist Prof. Dr. Antonios Kerasnoudis for an exciting SonoClass series on the ultrasound insight into the peripheral nervous system. In this 4.5-hour series, we will explore nerve ultrasound and its potential for evaluating peripheral nerve disorders. Refresh your knowledge of cross-sectional area ultrasound anatomy and learn diagnostic algorithms for entrapment and atypical neuropathies. Don't miss out on this opportunity, register now!


  • Cross sectional area ultrasound anatomy of the upper and lower extremity nerves
  • Diagnostic algorithms for entrapment neuropathies
  • Diagnostic workup of atypical entrapment neuropathies
  • Diagnostic workup of traumatic neuropathies


photo Antonios Kerasnoudis
Why should you follow this online course
Good and accurate ultrasound diagnostics of peripheral nerves is crucial in diagnosing nerve entrapment syndromes, which are a common cause of pain and dysfunction in the upper and lower limbs. MSK ultrasound offers the advantage of real-time visualization of the nerve, allowing for accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment with hydrodissection or injection therapy. With proper training and knowledge, ultrasound-guided interventions can significantly improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Therefore, it is important for MSK sonographers to have a thorough understanding of peripheral nerve anatomy and pathology.

  • Part 1: Upper extremity nerves. Cross sectional area ultrasound anatomy of median, ulnar, radial nerves and brachial plexus. Carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes.
  • Part 2: Lower extremity nerves. Cross sectional area ultrasound anatomy of fibular, tibial and sural nerves. Fibular and tibial neuropathies.
  • Part 3: Unusual / atypical cases. Traumatic neuropathies. Atypical entrapment neuropathies.

After completion you'll receive a digital SonoSkills Certificate of Attendance and proof of your CME points.

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An Ultrasound Insight into the Peripheral Nervous System

1 month access
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 4,5 CME points
  • Length 4,5 hours
  • Trainer Antonios Kerasnoudis