This two-day course provides (pelvic floor) physical therapists with theoretical and practical knowledge in abdominal and pelvic (floor) ultrasound. Transperineal, transabdominal and endocavitary techniques are covered in a systematic manner. You do not need to have experience with ultrasound, but you do need to have been working as a pelvic floor physiotherapist for at least 1 year.


  • Analysis of the normal anatomy and function of the pelvic floor,
  • Anatomical characteristics of the abdominal muscles,
  • Evaluation of abdominal muscle function using ultrasound,
  • Analysis and measurement of pelvic floor contraction,
  • Use of transabdominal and transperineal ultrasound,
  • Analysis of pelvic stability,
  • Ultrasound assessment of prolapse,
  • Ultrasound assessment of UV angle Assessment of anorectal angle
  • Imaging of pelvic structures after injury,
  • Use of ultrasound as a biofeedback tool.


Start date(s)

  • 16 September '24 €690.00 REGISTER NOW
    • 16 - 17 September '24 9:00 - 17:00  


Alfons Stesselstraat 19
3012 Leuven

General purpose

The purpose of this course is to train participants in the use of ultrasound in the evaluation and treatment of dysfunctions in the abdominopelvic area in perineal rehabilitation. The ultrasound image in pelvic perineology gives us objective information about muscle function, pelvic stability and the integrity of the supporting tissue. It also facilitates rehabilitation of pathologies, such as incontinence, prolapse, dysuria, low back pain, chronic pelvic pain and many other conditions.

Practical information and conditions.

  • Target audience: physical therapists with interest and experience in pelvic rehabilitation and perinatal physical therapy.
  • The course is in English
  • Price includes Syllabus, elearning, lunch and coffee breaks.


Ultrasound in Pelvic Health

  • Language English
  • Accreditation Pro-Q Kine 24 ptn
  • Study load 14 hrs (Hands-on)
    4,5 hrs (eLearning)
  • Length 2 days
  • Location Leuven Belgium
  • Start date(s) 16 September '24 See all dates
  • Trainer Montse Rejano, PhD student