photo Damir Dekovic

Damir Dekovic


After graduating as a Physiotherapist at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, Damir starts working at the local Hospital in his hometown of Pore?. After a few years, he becomes team leader and shows interest in treating spinal and joints pain through various manual and appliance techniques.

In 2008, after nine years at the hospital, Damir opens a private physiotherapy practice where he works with a team of five healthcare professionals and continues to improve in the treatment of spinal problems and orthopedic and sports injuries. In addition to working in his practice, he is a member of the Council of Croatian Chamber of Physiotherapists since the very establishment of this association.

The need for more precise and independent evaluation of patients' condition and monitoring of the outcomes of the therapy itself, prompted him to start his MSK ultrasound journey in 2016. He joined the very first SonoSkills MSK ultrasound course in his region and was soon asked to become a member of the SonoSkills team.

Besides his daily work at his center, Damir enjoys long walks with his family and dog along the beaches. He also owns a small boat and often sails out after work to enjoy the beautiful Adriatic coast.