On the 1st and 2nd of July 2019 prof. Jon Jacobson will present his first ultrasound course in Amsterdam. Jon will share his wealth of knowledge in a two day packet of lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Jon Jacobson is one of the leading MSK-radiologists specializing in ultrasound imaging and MRI. His book 'Fundamentals of MSK-Ultrasound' is found on the bookshelf of every MSK-sonographer.


  • Brush up your knowledge of normal sono-anatomy, variants and related pathology;
  • Improve your scanning techniques to perform confident ultrasound exams on an intermediate or advanced level of the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, ankle and foot;
  • Achieve better diagnostic/treatment accuracy;
  • Multiply your list of treatment options and patient management strategies.


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Course Content

Jacobson's Ultrasound Training course is organized for maximum learning value. It consists of 24 concise didactic lectures on MSK-ultrasound.
With his clear step-by-step approach, Jon clarifies the proper and clinical applications of MSK-ultrasound.

The focus of the JUST-course is on:
  • Essential anatomy and pathology that explains the normal and abnormal ultrasound image findings;
  • Practical techniques to incorporate MSK-ultrasound into clinical practice with confidence and skills;
  • Essential ultrasound Pearls and Pitfalls;
  • Tips and Tricks with impact.
In addition, current topics such as:
  • MSK-ultrasound Interventions Techniques;
  • What Imaging to use, When, Why and Where;
  • Correlation of Ultrasound with MRI;
  • Ultrasound of peripheral nerves.
Note: All lectures and live demonstrations of the 2-day JUST-course are given by Jon Jacobson.

Keynote Lecture July 1st

Jon Jacobson & Carlo Martinoli will lecture together on: 'Ultrasound of the Tendons and Nerves of the Foot'

Hands-on Workshops

The 5 Hands-on Workshops will review relevant aspects of upper and lower extremity ultrasound critical for clinical application.
An Intermediate & Advanced Hands-on Workshop track will be available. Each track offering personalized hands-on training tailored to the skill level and experience of the participant.
Intermediate Hands-on Workshop is suggested for those who have attended some MSK-ultrasound courses and have some clinical experience.
We expect that you have a basic understanding of normal sono-anatomy and MSK-US scan techniques.
The intermediate Hands-on Workshop is very suited for those who are interested in further advancing their scanning skills on tendons, ligaments and joints.
Advanced Hands-on Workshop is appropriate for those with more practical and clinical experience in MSK-Ultrasound.
Sign up for the Advanced Hands-on Workshops if you want to be challenged and develop skills with more challenging structures, esp. nerves in their surroundings.

Six participants per group. Each group has two ultrasound machines and one tutor. Every individual participant will have sufficient time with his hand on the probe.

Who Should Attend

The courses are aimed at musculoskeletal radiologists, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, sports physicians, physiotherapists and any other medical professionals with an interest in musculoskeletal ultrasound.


Jacobson Ultrasound Training Course

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  • Language English
  • Accreditation 20 CME & KNGF points
  • Length 2
  • Location Amsterdam Netherlands
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  • Trainer Jon Jacobson