Sonographie Beckenboden (pelvic floor)

This 2-day course provides physiotherapists with theoretical and practical knowledge on the use of ultrasound in abdomino-pelvic region. Transperineal and transabdominal techniques will be described in a systematic way


  • analysis of normal pelvic floor anatomy and function,
  • anatomical appearance of abdominal muscles,
  • abdominal wall muscle function evaluation using US,
  •  analysis and measurement of the pelvic floor contraction using transabdominal and transperineal US,
  • analysis of the pelvic stability,
  • US assessment of prolapses,
  • urethrovesical angle US assessment,
  • anorectal angle assessment,
  • appearance of pelvic structures after injury,
  • use of US as a biofeedback tool



photo Montse Rejano, PhD student

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