Pearls & Pitfalls in MSK Ultrasound Technique and Diagnosis

Join this two-part webinar series on MSK ultrasound pathology recognition by Dr. Jon Jacobson, Professor of Radiology at the University of Michigan and author of Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. Through presentations and live demonstrations, Dr. Jacobson will share pitfalls and pearls in pathology recognition of the upper and lower extremity. A must-attend for all MSK ultrasound professionals!


  • Discuss a wide variety of upper and lower extremity pathology cases
  • Learn technical pitfalls and pearls in pathology recognition
  • Uncover common misconceptions around various pathology
  • Learn a standardized and stepwise approach to pathology recognition


Part 1: Upper extremity
Rotator cuff, biceps brachii, calcific tendinitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, entrapment neuropathies, inflammatory arthritis, pulley injuries, skier’s thumb.

Part 2: Lower extremity
Effusion, snapping hip, bursitis, Baker cyst, entrapment neuropathies, gout, Achilles.


The aim of this 2-part webinar is expanding your technical ultrasound examination. Through theory presentations Jon will discuss (sono)anatomy, technical scanning positions and sonopathology on an intermediate level with adding more in-depth information and new positions to your foundational level knowledge and skills. In addition, Jon will scan live patients to put all the theory in practice. He will also share some interesting literature which you can study after the webinar to deepen your knowledge. When joining the live webinar you have the opportunity to ask Jon questions. All content is on an intermediate level.


After completion of the full webinar you'll receive a digital Certificate of Attendance


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Jon Jacobson Radiologist

Jon A. Jacobson, MD is a Professor of Radiology and Director of the Division of Musculoskeletal Radiology in the...

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