MSK Ultrasound of the Knee Joint

Join our 3-part series on knee ultrasound and deepen your ultrasound knowledge of the knee region. Each session we will refresh and update your (sono)anatomy skills and discuss interesting knee pathology cases.


  • Knee anatomy
  • Knee sonoanatomy
  • Transducer positions to scan static tissues
  • Scanning dynamical knee movements
  • Pathology recognition of several knee pathologies


Part 1: Ventral knee
Quadriceps, suprapatellar bursa, patella, prepatellar bursa, patellar tendon, infrapatellar bursa, infrapatellar fat pad, anterior cruciate ligament and trochlea.

Part 2: Medial and posteromedial knee
Pes anserinus, patella, patella retinaculum, medial patellofemoral ligament, medial collateral ligament, posterior oblique ligament, medial meniscus, posteromedial tendons, posterior horn medial meniscus, semimembranosus-gastrocnemius bursa.

Part 3: Posterior, posterolateral, lateral and anterolateral knee
Popliteal fossa, posterior cruciate ligament, popliteal muscle and tendon, (posterior horn of) lateral meniscus, fabella, common peroneal nerve, fibular head, biceps femoris, lateral collateral ligament, iliotibial tract, anterolateral ligament, osteoarthritis knee.


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