Don't Get Nervous Of Elbow Nerves - MSK Ultrasound to the Rescue

This 90-minute online SonoClass will discuss several nerves in the elbow region: functional and topographic anatomy, histology, and pathophysiology. To strengthen your ultrasound skills we will take a msk ultrasound approach and discuss the sonoanatomy, technical scanning details and sonopathology. Furthermore, it will discuss a few ultrasound-guided injection techniques to target those nerves.


  • Discovering the topographic anatomy of the elbow nerves and the physical relationships between tissues.
  • Learning some common pathologies, injuries and pathophysiologic mechanisms in this region.
  • Understanding the sonoanatomical appearance of the elbow nerves and related structures.
  • Learning how to scan the elbow nerves correctly by using the SonoSkills Quality Checklist and with thus creating great images.
  • Learning how to analyze nerve pathology images in a structured and step-by-step approach by using the SonoSkills pathology checklist.
  • Seeing a variety of pathology cases in the elbow nerves.
  • Learning how to perform a dynamical ultrasound assessment of some nerves.


Tuesday November 1st from 7:00 to 8:30 PM CET


Can't join the live session? No worries, you'll receive access to our eLearning platform where the recordings of the sessions are available for 4 weeks after the start of the 1st session. You can extend your access time during the check-out process.


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