Join SonoSkills founder & trainer Marc Schmitz in a 90-minute online SonoClass that will take your musculoskeletal ultrasound skills to the next level. In this class, we will focus on nerves in the elbow region, covering functional and topographic anatomy, histology, and pathophysiology. By taking a msk ultrasound approach, you'll learn how to improve your scanning abilities with discussions on sonoanatomy, technical scanning details, and sonopathology. Don't miss out, sign up now!


  • Discovering the topographic anatomy of the elbow nerves and the physical relationships between tissues.
  • Learning some common pathologies, injuries and pathophysiologic mechanisms in this region.
  • Understanding the sonoanatomical appearance of the elbow nerves and related structures.
  • Learning how to scan the elbow nerves correctly by using the SonoSkills Quality Checklist and with thus creating great images.
  • Learning how to analyze nerve pathology images in a structured and step-by-step approach by using the SonoSkills pathology checklist.
  • Seeing a variety of pathology cases in the elbow nerves.
  • Learning how to perform a dynamical ultrasound assessment of some nerves.


photo Marc Schmitz
Why should you follow this online course?
Peripheral nerve injuries are frequently observed in the wrist and elbow region. Among the commonly affected nerves in the elbow region are the median nerve, radial nerve, ulnar nerve, and interosseous nerve. MSK ultrasound can accurately detect peripheral nerve pathologies in the elbow region, including nerve compression and entrapment. These pathologies are quite common in clinical practice; sometimes even underestimated. Advanced MSK ultrasound knowledge and skills are essential to identify and accurately diagnose these pathologies, which can significantly improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Additionally, proficiency in MSK ultrasound can enhance a professional's skills, improve business, and add an element of fun to the practice.

After completion you'll receive a digital SonoSkills Certificate of Attendance and proof of your CME points.

Interested in alternative training options?
If you want to bring this theory to practice, we welcome you in the SonoSkills Advanced MSK ultrasound boot camp, in which you learn many new cool insights and skills. Interventional nerve ultrasound could be interesting to your patient outcome and business. Check out this SonoClass on "hydrodissections of peripheral nerve entrapments".

Don't Get Nervous About Elbow Nerves - MSK Ultrasound to the Rescue

Including 1-month access to the recordings
  • Language English
  • Accreditation 1,5 CME points
  • Length 1,5 hours
  • Trainer Marc Schmitz