Using musculoskeletal ultrasound in the diagnosis of metatarsal fractures

According to Ebrahimi et al. (2019), musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS) has high sensitivity, high specificity, a negative predictive value of about 100%, and favorable likelihood ratios in diagnosis of metatarsal fractures.
Therefore, it seems that use of MSKUS can serve as a very good alternative to radiography in diagnosis of metatarsal fractures.

It seems that the high diagnostic value of MSKUS in diagnosis of metatarsal fractures can be attributed to the dynamics of MSKUS and the ability of the operator to create images in different sections.

In addition, because the same physician who examined (history taking and clinical tests) the patient performs the MSKUS. The doctor can easily match up findings and reach the best diagnosis.

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The free full text article of Ebrahimi et al. can be read here: http://bit.ly/36C20pR