To image, or not to image, Achilles or patellar tendinopathy

Asymptomatic athletes with Achilles and patellar tendon abnormalities at baseline, visualized using musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS), are more likely to develop tendinopathy compared to those with structurally normal tendons. The likelihood of developing Achilles or patellar tendinopathy was nearly five times greater in those with tendon abnormalities.
Identification of at-risk athletes using screening tools such as MSKUS may allow preventative programs to be implemented.

Structural abnormalities should not be considered as a sole predictor of the development of tendinopathy. Combining the monitoring of tendon imaging with other factors linked to the development of pain, such as training load and psychosocial health, may enhance the management regarding the prediction of Achilles or patellar tendinopathy.

Furthermore, the systematic review and meta-analysis written by McAuliffe et al. describes both the “case against” and the “case for” imaging in tendinopathy.
The PubMed link to this article can be found here: http://bit.ly/33CO5xa 

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