The three types of calcifications in calcific tendinopathy

On ultrasound (MSKUS) scans, calcific deposits of calcific tendinopathy most commonly appear hyperechoic. Three types have been described, based on the percentage of calcium in the deposits:

•Type 1 calcifications are rich in calcium and correspond to the formative and resting phases;
MSKUS shows them as hyperechoic structures with well-defined acoustic shadowing.
•Type 2 calcifications are hyperechoic but show a faint acoustic shadow.
•No acoustic shadow is seen in Type 3 calcifications.

Types 2 and 3 generally correspond to the resorptive phase in which the calcium deposit appears poorly defined. Type 3 calcifications may be isoechoic to tendons, an appearance that may be misleading for novice sonographers and lead to under detection of the calcifications.

Pubmed link to article Bianchi et al. (2019) > http://bit.ly/2Ivdh0y