The (sono)anatomy of the rotator cable linked to tendon pathology

The rotator cable is a thickened area of the rotator cuff that provides a path for force dispersion which helps to prevent tension overload within the rotator crescent (the area of tendon surrounded by the rotator cable). The rotator cable creates a functional complex with the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons.

The rotator cable was found in all 30 cadavers dissected by Podg├│rski et al. The authors describe in this article the relation to pathology: how does the rotator cable get influenced by a (partially) torn tendon. The authors also describe the ultrasound pitfalls of scanning the rotator cable. Furthermore, the orthopedic and biomechanical consequences for the rotator cable, due to tendon problems, is being explained.

Download the free full text article: http://bit.ly/35tTSHb

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