The rotator cable: relatively unknown anatomical structure of the shoulder

The rotator cable (RC) is a bundle of fibers deep to the fibers of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons. It's a crescent of fibres perpendicular to the axis of tendons; it runs from the intertubercular groove to the posterior aspect of the greater tubercle. The anatomic term for the RC is the "ligamentum semicirculare humeri". The RC may have importance in dispersing rotator cuff tendon stress and in stabilizing the glenohumeral joint. The RC surrounds a hypo-vascular crescentic area of the rotator cuff named as "rotator crescent" that is more prone to tears compared to the rest of the cuff. The RC has a variable morphology; its thickness positively correlates with the thickness of the rotator cuff in the crescent region. The position of the RC is variable also, but 95% of the RC's were located within 13.4 mm or less from the greater tuberosity > Morag et al 2012; Orlandi et al 2012; Podgo?rski et al 2018; Rahu et al 2016.