The reliability of medial knee gap measurement with musculoskeletal ultrasound

The results of the study authored by Slane et al. (2017) suggest that ultrasound (MSKUS) has potential as a method for measuring absolute medial gapping of the knee, though further work is necessary to fully assess the clinical viability of this technique. Overall, the results showed that MSKUS has promise as a technique for enabling the radiation-free assessment of medial/lateral knee stability.

Medial knee stability is an important characteristic of overall knee health and can be an indicator for injury and long-term success following knee arthroplasty. A key contributor to medial knee stability is the medial collateral ligament (MCL). For knee arthroplasty patients, the MCL may play a crucial role, as other stabilizing ligaments are often sacrificed during surgery (e.g., the anterior cruciate ligament, and maintaining a stable knee can be critical to implant success and patient satisfaction. The MCL is also frequently injured as it is involved in 42% of all ligamentous injuries in the knee.

Full text article link to article Slane et al. (2017): ​http://bit.ly/2nKnVJf​​​