The advantages of musculoskeletal ultrasound: zooming in on making left/right comparisons

Some advantages of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging over other medical imaging techniques are: 1) being more patient friendly; 2) absence of harmful radiation; 3) more ecofriendly; 4) less costs; 5) portability of systems;
6) ability to assess real time; 7) ability to assess functional; 8) the accuracy in extra-articular soft tissues scanning is equal to MRI; and 9) the ability to make left/right comparisons.

Zooming in on left/right comparisons: we feel that this is an underestimated advantage. Making left/right comparisons, especially when scanning patients younger than 50 years old, is useful in all stages of the sonographers learning curve. It will help in building a good “internal reference library”: what’s normal and what’s pathology? It will help when in doubt, gives information about severity, and assists in the determination of clinical relevancy.
Most importantly:  informing the patient > the patient sees the difference between affected and non-affected side. Experience shows that patients understand their complaint much better, show more motivation following up doctors’ or therapist’s advice, when seeing the difference.

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