The added value of MSK ultrasound in medial collateral ligament injury

Ghosh et al. (2019) concluded that musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS) appears to be an accurate and reliable initial diagnostic tool to evaluate for medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury. While it is not currently a substitute for MRI, it could serve as a screening tool to potentially eliminate the need for a costly and time- consuming confirmatory MRI in select cases.

Sconfienza et al. (2017) concluded that MSKUS imaging in MCL injury scored equivalent to other imaging modalities.

Using MSKUS for the diagnosis of medial knee injuries confers several benefits. It is a non-invasive, cost-efficient bedside procedure that allows for real-time diagnosis and early management of injuries. Ultrasound offers a dynamic assessment of joint pathology, allowing for rapid detection of fractures, structural anomalies, torn ligaments, fluid, infection, and other osteoarthritic injuries. This provides a great time benefit to both the patient and the physician. It is an economical imaging modality that is less costly and faster to obtain than an MRI study.

The portability of the equipment facilitates bedside scanning without the inconvenience of transporting patients.