photo Moritz Müller, MSc

Moritz Müller, MSc

Distributor & Trainer

Moritz never feels comfortable within static situations, given positions and established strategies -why? Because he believes in changes, remodeling, new setups- because life is something he thinks- we can influence dynamically.

Those dynamics are leading to permanent changes in his life. As the SonoSkills Distributor for Germany he is going to spread Ultrasound knowledge to established and not -so far! - established potential user groups. Exploring things, usability and relevance are big topics regarding his motivation.

He never was statisfied working only in the “limited field” as a massage therapist, also not while working as a physiotherapist, nor after his master studies in Physiotherapy. But he learned that every time he changed things – in a second step – his world around - also changed. This is “the why” for him to spend time and energy for trying to change things.

This small internal revolution is still burning in his heart, is pushing him, keeps him alive, drives him through the everyday jungle as a sonographer, physiotherapist, practice owner, and father of 3 kids.