photo Ferd Serton, MSc

Ferd Serton, MSc

Senior Trainer

Ferd is physiotherapist and manual therapist close to the SonoSkills headquarters in Roermond, Netherlands. He has completed his Master of Science in MSK Ultrasound in 2021. Ferd is owner of Fysio Serton, where he works with five colleagues in a multidiciplinary healthcare center. Together with two general physicians in this center he runs weekly diagnostic MSK ultrasound assessments and MSK guided injection procedures. He is also hand therapists and developes, with great pleasure, the SonoSkills online and hands-on courses of the hand and wrist region.

Ferd enjoys keeping up with the latest literature in a smaller domain of his field and propagate this knowledge to other colleagues who can implement this in their clinical practice.

Ferd lives in Heel, a small village in the south of the Netherlands together with his wife. He has three sons, of which two are also active in physiotherapy. In his spare time he enjoys photography, jogging with his border collies and cooking for friends and family.