photo Andreas Philipp Kacsir, MSc

Andreas Philipp Kacsir, MSc

Distributor & Trainer

Andreas is born in Altstätten, SG, Switzerland, has started his career as a physiotherapist in 2007. After 6 years of working as a physical therapist in a private clinic for neurological patients, Andreas decided to work for 3 years as a lecturer in neurorehabilitation and scientific research. In the meantime, Andreas completed a master of science in physical therapy and a master of science in neurorehabilitation and various post-graduate educations.

Andreas is the currently owner of the Zentrum für Physiotherapie am Markt in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Since the practice was founded in 2014, it quickly grew to 12 employees. Andreas’ therapeutic focus is on neurorehabilitation, sonography and pain management with the Fascial Distortion Model. Since his father was a radiologist, anatomical structures have always fascinated him. Andreas attended the first courses of SonoSkills in 2016 and has been a trainer and distributor of SonoSkills Swiss since 2018.

Andreas seeks creative balance in his free time (painting or playing the drums as examples). With his daughters Kaley Sue and Lucy-Lou and his wife Linda, he spends every possible second.