Free MSK Ultrasound Webinar Series

Throughout the year we offer free 30 minute lectures on musculoskeletal ultrasound. If you've not had the chance to view these live webinar, you can watch the recording here. Enroll now for free!


  • 17 high-quality 30 minute lectures
  • 8,5 hours of on-demand content
  • 60 days unlimited access

List of available webinars:

  • Introduction to MSK Ultrasound - Marc Schmitz
  • Introduction to MSK ultrasound-guided injections - Lorenzo Masci
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Spine - Ezequiel Mailand
  • Shoulder Anatomy in MSK ultrasound - Marc Schmitz
  • Supraspinatus & Expert Interview - Dr. Paolo Minafra & Marc Schmitz
  • Five Challenging MSK Ultrasound Cases of the Foot & Ankle - Robert Wonink
  • Sports-related Muscle Injuries in MSK Ultrasound - Moritz Müller
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Achilles Tendon - Marc Schmitz
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Carpal Tunnel - Ferd Serton
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Patellar Tendon - Marc Schmitz
  • Hydrodisecctions of the Nerve - Ezequiel Mailand
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Gluteal Tendons - Marc Schmitz
  • MSK Ultrasound in Pelvic Floor Conditions - Montse Rejano
  • MSK Ultrasound Metabolic Imaging of COVID-19 Patients in the ICU - Jeroen Mollinger
  • Role of MSK Ultrasound in Regenerative Medicine - Suresh Sudula
  • Top 5 Rheumatology Pathologies - Patricia Smith - van der Meijde
  • MSK Ultrasound of the Common Extensor Tendon - Marc Schmitz