1st Hands-on MSK Ultrasound course in Greece

This course is designed for professionals who would like to experience a  theoretical- and practical training of the possibilities of Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound. In this blended-learning course we'll cover all the basics of MSK ultrasound through online learning and in addition two packed days of hands-on scanning.

Objetivos de aprendizaje

  • Understanding the concept of ultrasound
  • Applying MSK ultrasound in MSK healthcare: its correct place
  • What is the appearance of anatomical tissues in MSK ultrasound?
  • Learning how to use the ultrasound system and make qualitative scans
  • Hands-on practice to scan five important extremity indications within regular MSK healthcare: supraspinatus, common extensor tendon elbow, carpal tunnel, the quadriceps tendon, the patellar ligament and the Achilles tendon.


The course includes ±4 hours of eLearning access for 3 months, 2-days hands-on scanning, SonoSkills protocol booklet and scanning toolcard.



photo Ramon Ottenheijm, PhD

Ramon Ottenheijm, PhD Trainer General Physicians

Next to being a general physician, Ramon has a specialization in the musculoskeletal system, is general physician...

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1st Hands-on MSK Ultrasound cour... Athens 13-11-2021 Ramon Ottenheijm, PhD

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