Webinar Series: MSK Ultrasound of the Hip Joint

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  • Hip anatomy
  • Hip sonoanatomy
  • Transducer positions to scan static tissues
  • Scanning dynamical hip movements
  • Pathology recognition of several hip pathologies


Part 1: Ventral hip
Hip joint, capsule, labrum, femeroacetabular impingement, iliocapsularis, iliopsoas, bursa, rectus femoris (direct and indirect)

Part 2: Ventral/medial hip
Groin, hernias, abdominal muscle, pubic bone, pubic symphisis, adductor muscle and tendons, neurovascular bundle, sartorius, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

Part 3: Lateral/dorsal hip
Tensor fascia latae, iliotibial tract, gluteal muscle and tendons, trochanteric region incl. bursae, piriformis, sciatic nerve, hamstring origin, hamstring muscle.


The aim of this 3 part course is deepening the ultrasound examination of the hip. We will discuss (sono)anatomy, transducer positions and sonopathology positions on an intermediate level with adding more in-depth information and new positions to your foundational level knowledge and skills. We will review the theory and practice ultrasound skills of several important osseous, cartilaginous, capsuloligamentous, myogenic, neurogenic, and vascular structures. We will also share with you some interesting literature which you can study after the webinar to deepen your knowledge. All content is on an intermediate level.


After completion of the full webinar you'll receive a digital Certificate of Attendance.


photo Marc Schmitz, MSc