photo Montse Rejano, MSc.

Montse Rejano, MSc. Pelvic Floor Trainer

Montse started working as a physiotherapist in 2007. Since then, she developed her clinical practice with a special interest in women's and men's health, orthopedic manual therapy, pain education and therapeutic exercise. During her MSc (2013-2015) at the University of Alcala, she discovered the use of rehabilitative ultrasound. Since then, she has been passionate about this imaging modality which she constantly applies in practice to understand biomechanical mechanisms in the pelvis and the trunk.

Montse worked in France for ten years, where she worked both in hospital and private clinical settings. She obtained her University Diploma in Pelviperineology from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. She joined SonoSkills in 2015, where she develops and teaches the pelvic floor muscle courses.

In 2016, Montse joined the University Hospital of Caen, where she combined clinical practice and research. Currently she lives in Germany, working on various research projects including ultrasound, pelvic floor and lumbopelvic pain.

Her interests are reading, discovering new places, climbing and playing table football.