Webinar: Less HOCUS More POCUS In Rheumatology

In this comprehensive 3-part series Point of Care ultrasound in Rheumatology, we will deepen your ultrasound knowledge in order to recognize, distinguish and score common rheumatic pathology. Each session we will refresh and update your (sono) anatomy skills and discuss interesting topic related pathology cases.


  • Pattern recognition and targeted distribution based investigation of OA vs RA.
  • Detecting and scoring erosions and osteophytes
  • Value of Doppler ultrasound in Rheumatology
  • Cases & scoring (teno-) synovitis
  • Pattern recognition and targeted distribution based investigation in case of suspected spondylarthropathy.
  • Differentiation of enthesopathie vs enthesitis.
  • Dactylitis features
  • Cases & scoring enthesitis
  • Pattern recognition and targeted distribution based investigation in case of suspected crystal arthropathy
  • Ultrasound features and definition for tophus, double contour and aggregates.
  • Semi-quantitative ultrasound scoring system for tophus, double contour and aggregates.
  • Cases & scoring pathology


Part 1: Hocus Pocus everybody Focus!
Distribution of OA, osteophytes, RA erosions, synovitis, tenosynovitis. OMERACT definitions and semi-quantitative scoring.

Part 2: Using ultrasound as the sixth sense to solve the spondyloarthropathy puzzle
Distribution of SpA, Aps, OMERACT definitions of enthesopathy, enthesitis, dactylitis and semi-quantitative scoring.

Part 3: See crystals in a different spotlight with sound
Distribution of crystal arthropathies, OMERACT definitions and semi-quantitative scoring


The aim of this 3-part course is Point of Care ultrasound examination to differentiate rheumatic pathology. We will discuss (sono)anatomy, transducer positions and sonopathology positions on an intermediate level with adding more in-depth information. We will review the theory and practice ultrasound skills of several important osseous, cartilaginous, (teno-) synovial and entheseal structures. We will also share with you some interesting literature which you can study after the webinar to deepen your knowledge. All content is on an intermediate level.


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photo Patricia Smith - van der Meijde